Communicate Communicate

With Spintr you can communicate with, and inform, all fellow employees across the organization, simultaneously. You can create closed groups with targeted information exclusively for group members to access.

Collaborate Collaborate

Spintr reduces e-mails and increases efficiency. No matter where your co-workers are located, it is easy to keep each other updated, share tips and to feel part of the team.

Integrate Integrate

You can integrate internal communication through Office 365, Google G Suite and Slack with a single click, and, with Spintr, achieve a truly digital, all-in-one site workspace.

Spintr works great with

  • Office 365
  • Google G Suite
  • Spintr Integration Skype

Spintr is user friendly on all levels

Intranet solution for all industries


A Super-social engine for your organization

  • Share and transfer knowledge, ideas and experiences.
  • Reduce e-mailing and increase the sense of team spirit.
  • Create a solid space for your communication and collaboration efforts.

Spintr is an Internet based product at your fingertips in no time. No insecurities regarding costs, delivery time and content that often characterize traditional CMS-based Intranet-projects

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Free start-up – Pay when you are ready!

With Spintr you have the chance to test, evaluate and build your new intranet before signing a deal and paying anything.

Spintr core $5/month
  • All communications tools
  • All content tools
  • All team-work tools
  • Many possible integrations
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Spintr 365 spintr + office365 $7/month
  • All Spintr Core features
  • Integrated with Office 365
  • Synchronize all communication
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Spintr GS spintr + g suite $7/month
  • All Spintr Core features
  • Integrated with Google G Suite
  • Synchronize all communication
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You are in good company!

  • Oxelösund municipal

With our new intranet we can, for the first time, reach everyone in the company with the same info at the same time. It’s fantastic!


Spintr is one step ahead compared to other suppliers, and they have a black-belt in support. It’s all about personal contact and I always experience that they pay complete attention and are receptive to our needs.

Do you need help?

Spintr includes world-class support.

Amazing support is our number 1 priority. You can chat, mail, call or ask questions in our support forum. Our customer service is open Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm CET.

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