Intranet in the cloud
5 January 2017

A week with and without an intranet in the cloud


John arrives at work and discovers that the intranet server has been down all weekend. Since the website is on the same server this has been unavailable as well. How many clients have been affected?? Hope it´s resolved shortly.

Annie arrives at work, checks the latest news on the intranet on her mobile via WiFi and begins working. At Annie´s company they recently started using an intranet in the cloud. 


Yes! Today the software company that develops the intranet solution for John released a new version with several bug fixes and some new great functionality. John is thinking: Now we just need to ensure that the new version works with our hardware and that our modifications and changes still work after the update. I´ll need help with the update since it requires database changes.

Annie has been to lunch and is back at the office, she discovers that there has been a new application released on the intranet, great!


Help! Our intranet server is being DDoS-attacked! We don´t have any software to prevent it so we will have to wait until it passes.

Meanwhile Annie is reading a blogpost about a recent DDoS-attack on several companies. She sends an email to the support at their cloud service partner, and they quickly respond that an attack was attempted, but they have sophisticated software to prevent such issues.


In the car on his way to a meeting John gets a phone call from a client that urgently needs a copy of the latest version of the timetable for an ongoing project (that John already should have sent to her). The document is in the folder “Client projects” on the laptop in the briefcase, so the client will have to wait until John reaches his destination.

Annie uploads a summary in a project group on the intranet from the last meeting she had with four project members with a client. Since the client has access to their shared project group on the cloud based intranet it doesn´t take long until the client confirms the upload with a “like”.


Crisis! The intranet seems hacked. After a few nerve wracking hours and several calls to IT-support John realises that the configuration of Iptables is not optimal.

Annie is sitting comfortably in her chair. She knows that the intranet supplier is well prepared to prevent intrusion and that they regularly perform tests from third parties.


On the train on his way back from a family reunion John remembers that he was supposed to provide feedback on a new project draft on Friday. He doesn´t have his laptop with him so it will have to wait until Monday.

Annie has a day off and is surfing on her phone. She realises that she was supposed to comment on a thing in an ongoing project with a client yesterday, but time ran away from her. Since they have intranet in the cloud she quickly accesses the intranet on her mobile, reads the document and comments in the workgroup.


At 9am one of John´s most important clients calls with an emergency. Normally it´s a quick fix and John should be able to resolve the issue in a few minutes. But the information he needs is behind a slow VPN-connection that keeps dropping out. Eventually, after two hours of driving back and forth to the office, the problem is resolved.

In the morning Annie gets a similar call and since the intranet is in the cloud she can immediately help the client by phone while she´s still in bed.


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