What is Spintr

Spintr is a, cloud based, social Intranet and a digital workspace. We have gathered all the tools that an organization needs to communicate, inform and collaborate in a digital and streamlined context.


Spintr have customers and teams all over the nordic countries and Germany. The customers are a mix of private enterprise and the public sector, with between 50 and 7500 employees.

Growth and Economy

Currently, Spintr is growing by 50-60% annually, and has, after a couple of start-up years, established a stable business based on recurring revenue and a position as one of the main Intranet providers in the Nordic countries.

Our story

The cloud service and SaaS business, Spintr is launched the fall of 2015. Our heritage includes a IT – and Web consultancy company called Onesys, and a product called MyLive. The team behind Spintr started to work together in 2009.

The Spintr Team

Spintr is made up of a team of creative, sharp and ambitious individuals with a main office in Örebro, Sweden. Our contact people:

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