Spintr’s comprehensive blog feature allows the users to start their own individual blogs, or together with co-workers to share info regarding their work. A blog can also have “official” status for higher priority and visibility.

  • Create increased engagement in the organization.
  • Happy employees participate more
  • Less centralized administration

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Content pages

Content and Text Pages

Text, or content, pages is the part of the Intranet with the highest information level. You can build a structure with sub-pages that are easy to edit. Features like add images, tables, videos, forms etc. are naturally included.

  • Create lasting content for important information.
  • Intuitive editing tools that are easy to use
  • Developed for editors by editors

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Spintr Wiki


Wikis is a popular function used by many larger organizations. This facilitates the creation of a communal knowledge-hub, in which the employees can co-develop content.

  • Communal knowledge-hub
  • Increase internal learning and engagement
  • Document-driven innovation.

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Spintr is a responsive solution, with native apps that gives you freedom and mobility.

Spintr arrives packed with features

    • Activity logs
    • Birthdays
    • Blog
    • Calendar
    • Chat
    • Competence development
    • Dashboard elements
    • E-mail
    • Employee portfolio
    • File – and document sharing
    • Forms
    • Iframes
    • Instagram
    • Intranet overview
    • Media-hub
    • News
    • Non Attendance
    • Notes
    • Notification-system
    • Organizational structure
    • Q & As
    • Quick messaging
    • Receiver groups
    • Resource booking
    • RSS and import of syndicated information
    • Search engine
    • Search engine statistics
    • Service information
    • Shortcuts
    • Social flow
    • Statistics
    • Tags
    • Text boost
    • Text pages and structured content
    • To-do lists
    • Wikis
    • Work-groups
  • StEriks hospital
  • Cervera
  • Smile dental care
  • Första AP Fonden
  • Actic
  • Kalmar municipal
  • Historiska
  • National Board of Trade Sweden
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