More about Spintr

Not your usual intranet product

It all began with a delivery in 2010

Daniel – the man behind Spintr – had many ideas about an internal social medium as early as 10 years ago. His ideas began to take the form of a finished concept when a query was received from an innovative CEO at a customer company, asking whether we could help him to bring together the many widely dispersed employees and put faces to names in his company.

The delivery was very successful, the effect on the company immediate and we saw that this would become a trend. So in 2010, we decided to take it to the next level with a product based on the delivery. That product became MyLive.

MyLive is the basis of Spintr

Spintr is a continuation of MyLive, a very successful product that we developed from 2010 to 2014. MyLive was the first finished intranet product that was solely just that, an intranet, and for the first time national government agencies, municipalities and businesses could obtain an intranet, quickly and at a low price.

Our customers were the first to eliminate the need of having a separate CMS to sign into and administer their intranets. All editing and all content management was in the intranet.

Spintr challenges the intranet concept

With Spintr we’ve taken all that was successful with MyLive and created an entirely new product and a new concept. Spintr is one of the very few, purely cloud-based intranet services that you pay for by the user.

Intranets have traditionally been solutions that you sign into to obtain information and to share things with your colleagues. With Spintr we wanted to challenge the intranet concept by having the platform connect together everyone you have in your work network.

Spintr is a platform for working, for everyone you actually work with, both within your organization and beyond.