Assure a good reception

Getting started package

To get started with the intranet in the right way, we’ve developed a getting started package. A Spintr implementation project is begun with a startup meeting where all concerned gather to discuss and plan implementation of the intranet in the organization.

Together with experienced intranet strategists and our customers, we’ve developed a general implementation plan as the basis for the startup meeting and subsequent roll-out of the intranet in the organization. The implementation plan clarifies the customer’s preconditions and frameworks for optimizing the project and using Spintr.

After the startup meeting, customers receive a documented implementation plan that is used as support during implementation of the new intranet.

The getting started package is normally provided by Spintr personnel.

Content assistance

Getting underway and using Spintr is easy and it is designed so that users can get started without assistance – they can move in immediately. But before you let people in, you should set up content, navigation, structure and make settings to optimize the intranet.

This is a matter of deciding on the structure and how it will be equipped:
• Content
• Navigation and designations
• Use and organization of blogs, groups, projects, files and wikis as well as other collaboration functions
• Responsibility roles and marketing
To make things easier we have a service to help you generate content for your intranet. We conduct a joint survey of your operations and establish a structure and content plan, and organize functions.

We have basic models that we use in generating the content. Moreover, we draw on best practices and our substantial experience in setting up your intranet.

Content assistance is provided by Spintr partners.

User introduction

To ensure that the intranet is received in the right way, we prefer that the users be introduced to the new approaches so as to reduce ramp-up times and establish a better understanding of the new tools.
A user introduction session takes about 3 hours and is best conducted with groups of 15–20 persons. Perspective editors and administrators can substantially benefit from familiarity with the user introduction and discussing conditions and goals for the new intranet.

These meetings are excellent occasions for intranet project managers or lead administrators to explain why the intranet was purchased and how the various tools are intended to be used in the organization.

The user introduction is provided by Spintr personnel.