Spintr’s history

The story behind Spintr

Spintr is the result of the efforts of several people and their fascination in creating digital solutions that are actually used and that change the way enterprises operate.

An idea came about in 2014 for how intranet projects could be made more efficient and simplified. Being able to offer new pioneering collaborative opportunities to organizations at the same time was what motivated us in developing Spintr.

Since 2010 we’ve worked with delivering our in-house developed intranet product MyLive to local governments and businesses, both in Sweden and abroad. This has given us good insight into how organizations actually work and how intranet projects are conducted.

An intranet project has always required considerable resources in the form of time and money, which has led to the need seldom being prioritized. Once projects have finally come up to speed, it has often taken several years before the organization has even been able to sign in to the new intranet.

The idea with Spintr is to offer organizations or workgroups a modern collaboration tool that can easily be launched from the web. Because users can work with external users in Spintr, we provide the capability to work with those you actually work with.

All of the lessons learned and experiences from developing MyLive have formed the basis for Spintr, which was launched in September 2015.