Why Spintr?

Why choose Spintr?

Why choose Spintr as the platform and service for your intranet? Here are a few of the many reasons.

Non-existent project risks – deployment-ready cloud service

It’s not uncommon that customers have expectations that differ from the finished product that consultants actually deliver. You’re often dependent on a specific person or developer team at the consulting firm and you never know for sure if they’re still involved in the project after initial delivery or even if they’re still with the firm. We’ve seen many development projects that for any number of reasons, have failed to achieve their objectives. A common denominator is that the projects have often been based on the standard CMS supplied by the consulting firm.

We firmly believe that the risks with a Spintr project are minimal. You are not dependent on a single person or consulting organization and there is no uncertainty as to what you’ll ultimately receive. With Spintr, you know what you’re getting, when you’re getting it and you can try out the user experience and the various functions before you make the decision to buy.

More for your money

Spintr includes many ready-to-use functions and an interface that is graphically pleasing at the same time that it’s responsive and thus mobile friendly.Spintr includes an implementation plan that covers many important project points, such as intranet ambassadors, the organization’s intranet lead administrator as well as startup planning. All this at a single flat rate that also includes graphical adaptation and deployment of Spintr on the customer’s devices.

Get underway faster

There is often uncertainty as to whether the new intranet is ready to launch. Many meetings and weeks pass. Just one more function needs to be built, or in the worst event, no one knows if or when the consulting firm will be ready to deliver everything that has been ordered.
With Spintr you know exactly what you get. The dates for the startup meeting and launch are already set when the agreement is signed.

Standardized technology

To ensure security, speed and that the intranet will be future safe, we have built Spintr with proven technology from Microsoft and the .NET framework. The solution is based on the SQL Server database engine, which is secure, scalable and easy to administer and maintain. This is the same technology and framework that EPiServer and SharePoint, for example, are based on.

Attractive interface and low user threshold

We are continuously developing Spintr’s design and interface. The goal is to offer a truly good-looking product that reflects the current web trends that are perceived as attractive by end-users. Popular social media is a major source of inspiration, and an important factor in product design is maintaining a low threshold for end-users. All types of users shall be able to understand and be attracted by Spintr’s carefully thought out configuration.

Satisfied customers

Spintr has many different organizations using the same product and sharing the same user experience as you. Our customers are satisfied. Please feel free to get in touch with our reference customers before continuing with procurement.

Our customers will be happy to tell you about how Spintr works, implementation and how the new intranet was received by their organizations. Ask for one or more references, give them a call and ask about Spintr.

The product is growing

When you buy Spintr you aren’t just buying a static delivery of something that someone has built for you in accordance with a locked requirements specification. With Spintr your intranet receives regular improvements and new functions that we develop in collaboration with our customers, based on their needs.

Spintr is being constantly enhanced with new releases up to 5 times yearly, bringing new functions, improved design and interfaces, new applications, new integration capabilities and new ideas.